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Hi, my name is Wayne Hanson and I’m wondering if you are aware of a

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Products that are patented, proprietary, exclusive to this company only and produced in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility. This 13 year old international company, which you’ve probably never heard about before, has re-written the code for major successes in both health and wealth and is now entering the momentum stage for growth in over 30 countries internationally because of these recent changes.


This why the headlines at the top of this page are so true.

Please take the time right now to do your due diligence because I can assure you that this is not just another one of those deals.”

This is the real deal and you’ll see why for yourself as you walk through this exciting website. In my 40 years of network marking experience I’ve always thought I would find the place I could call “home” and friends I have finally found it after years of searching from company to company and now I’m finally home. I truly hope that this will be your experience too.

So here’s our question to you. Are you ready and willing to transform your life? To truly live a healthier and a wealthier life? Let go of your doubts and fears and join us now.

There’s an old saying that is so true, “If you keep doing what your currently doing, you’re going to keep getting more of what you already have!” So if things are going

to change for you, you have to change, don’t you? Albert Einstein said this, We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

We have a New system so use our new system and your unique gifts to achieve your dreams. You have the will to succeed and we have the system and the support team to assist you in doing that. Conference calls, webinars, training calls, this website for you to use to recruit with, 24/7. You also get your own website and training kit from Sisel International when you join us.


Everything is here, now, so start today, right now, to make it happen for you. This is not the time to procrastinate. Money and success are for decision makers.

How incredible it would be to join the ranks of those who have stepped out and now live wherever they want to live, travel to the ends of the earth if they desire to, own the home of their choosing, send their children to college, in other words, they own their life to do what they want to do when they want to do it.


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Time Freedom - Income - Security - Health - Longevity - Self Esteem - Family time - Travel - Personal Training - and anything else that you desire Below.

Wayne Hanson's Story

In September of 2017 Wayne suffered a massive heart attack and was “Code Blue” in the ambulance on the way to the Hospital emergency room. Code Blue indicates cardiac arrest and he was told that only one percent of people survive that condition.

It was right after this event that a friend introduced him to the AGE Pill. Wayne wasn’t initially interested at all in it but was sent two bottles free and now he is a strong advocate of not only the AGE Pill but many of the synergistic products Sisel produces because he knows that they are safe-n-sane, have no harmful ingredients in them and more importantly they Flat out WORK!!!


BACKGROUND: Wayne was a Certified Personal trainer and certified Performance nutrition specialist for 10 years Started competing in the sport of Power lifting at age 60 and won 8 first place trophies including a Regional World championship and a World Championship in Las Vegas at age 63.


Wayne opened and operated a gym called the “Faith and Fitness Center” in a church which was located in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota where he served as a Pastor. It was open for anyone in

the community.

Now 15 years after winning the world championship in power lifting Wayne just lifted 370 pounds on a seated bench press on his 78th birthday in Oct. 2018.


A recent report stated that “More than 36 percent of Americans are

now considered obese, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And an additional 34 percent are considered

fat or very overweight.” 


Friends, now if I’m doing my math right, that’s a min 70% of America’s population is fat!! Obesity has led to over 120,000 preventable deaths each year in the United States.

Now if you’re like me you don’t want to think of yourself as “Obese” do you? Well I sure didn’t either especially back a few years ago when I won 8 first place power lifting trophy’s including the upper Midwest power lifting trophy and the World Championship trophy in Las Vegas 

in my division.


Back then I weighed in at 376 pounds and I could easily pick up and

curl 85 pound dumbbells in each hand and do 3 sets of 8 repetitions.

Then I discovered what many of you have already learned, or are potentially about to learn, is that: Obesity is a chronic health problem.

It is one of the biggest factors for a type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease. It is also associated with cancer. osteoarthritis, liver disease, sleep apnea, depression and other medical conditions that affect mortality.

Is there a good answer to this problem? I would like to suggest that yes, there is. I discovered these 5 amazing products (Of 50 very Unique,  

Proven and popular anti-aging and age reversal line) you see in this picture.


The Real Reason You’re Losing Muscle Mass as You Age and How to Stop it and Even Reverse It... CLICK HERE

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“Now 16 years after I won the World Championship in Las Vegas, I’m still performing at a capacity that is incredible for my age at 79 years old. Or for anyone at any age”
“These are eight first place power lifting trophies I won over a three year period starting when I was 60 years old. The eighth trophy was the World Championship in Las Vegas when I was 63 years old.
I discovered these 5 amazing products

Wayne Hanson


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